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Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks all my friends and nuffnangers ~ ! =)

Today is the day she passed away , but i not gonna emo anymore . no way , as what all my friends and fellow nuffnangers said , she won't be happy if she saw i so upset over her dealth . i wan her to happy and yet emo not my style . not gonna do this again . =)

here , i wanna say sorry , for causing you guys worry about me due to the emo post in blogger and also facebook . nahhh , i promise this won't happen again , ok ? errr , at least for now , xP you know how touching am i when i received calls , sms , comment bla bla once my post out . i am such a lucky one having you guys beside me when i am down . =) i appreciate to the max . *hug hugg* ^_^

i believe , although in another world , she wil be fine as long as lupmun is with her =) and i believe , i am not that kind of girl that fragile like glass , i am strong and tough XP

and of coz . . . . .



  1. ur previous story really touching..
    may they live happily in the afterworld..
    somehow, there are things in this world that we cannot predict and c0ntrol..
    what we can do is to learn how to accept those sad things
    be strong..

  2. yeah right =)
    we cant predict what gonna happen the next seconds
    times are money .
    we cant afford to waste it =)
    i gonna be strong like i said
    don worry

  3. glad that you're fine. Life still goes on. No need to apologize, as you and everyone else never thought it will happen that way.

    Reminded me of Kris Allen's Life Like You're Dying. I took the song's lyrics seriously - appreciate life.

  4. yeahhh =)
    that song was awesome =)

  5. RuiRui... stay strong..
    you get support from everyone.. ^^